- Kia Holm Reimer & Elisabeth Garner - 


HYGGE (Pronounced “Hooga”) is a Danish phenomena

It is a relaxed and mindful feeling that springs from what and whom you surround yourself with. Hygge is felt when being present in the moment.

Surround yourself with hygge interior, light candles, enjoy pleasurable food and drinks that spike your senses of taste and smell. Wear comfortable, smart and hyggelig clothes. These are all important elements when creating the hygge.

Hygge is a lifestyle that will make you want to stay

Whether you feel it at home, at a hyggelig place out and about or at a hyggelig corporate or hotel facility.

Imagine wrapping a big blanket arounds yourself and lighting candles to feel calm and relaxed. That is a good metaphor for the hygge.

HAPPINESS is born from HYGGE

People (Us and soon you) living with hygge simply feel happier.

From lifelong experience living with hygge this happens because a lifestyle with hygge breeds mindful memories, creates a sense of togetherness and is de stressing.

Hygge is true value in your home, soul and life

Luckily you do not have to be Danish, nor live in Denmark, to lead the hygge lifestyle. The ambience and happy relaxed feeling that hygge is the provider of can be trickered by surrounding yourself with the right framework.

A framework you can find here at HYGGE MANSION

“We honestly believe that the world would be a little bit better if we all added more hygge”