Old chinese calligraphy brushes adds a soothing touch to your interior accessories. They are faboulous to decorate your home with and offers many ways of being used to add to your hygge. We have many different styles and colors - each and everyone unique, as they are handmade.


Use them lying as part of a setting or to add hygge in a kids room. Hang it from a door knob, hang it on the wall or put them in a pot with more brushes or perhaps some flowers, or why not place it in a window sill (we would avoid direct sun on it all day long though). In the evening they are gorgeous next to candle lights :-)


Options are many and we love what they can do to the mood in a home. 


NOTE: Since they are all handmade there will be variations in each piece

Chinese Calligraphy Brush - 42cm Blue

  • Lenght: Approximately 42cm
    Material: Wood, porcelain and horsehair
    Note: They vary in look as they are all customized