Gorgeous Salt Rock Candleholders - handmade of salt from the Siwa Oasis


These handcarved cylindric Salt Rock Candleholders are beautiful interior deco items in themselves and absolutely gorgeous when you place a tea light inside them. The light filtered through the salt crystals is amazingly soft and pleasant. They provide a calming and gorgeous light in your home - enhancing the hygge, happiness & togetherness.


The salt comes from the underground of the oasis of Siwa, where there is a dense layer of salt - compressed through thousands of years. From great blocks of this salt the artisans  are able to carve shapes and form beautiful pieces. 


Size Small: 16 cm x 7 cm dia. - 39 EUR

Size Medium: 20 cm x 10 cm dia. - 75 EUR

Size Large: 25 cm x 14 cm dia. - 125 EUR


Please note that sizes and color are approximate as each piece is unique.

Please also note that stripes of grey-brown sand are visible in the salt- these stripes are remnants of the great sandstorms roaming the area throughout the years. 

Salt Rock Candleholders

    • Please do not lift the salt candle sticks only by the edges. Support them at the buttom with a hand. This is nearly an extra precaution.
    • Please do not place the salt lamps in a humid room/area. It may effect the salt over time and the salt will disintegrate.