This grey pot with grid patterned is rustic and rural - and indeed of course very hyggelig. It matches most interior and help create hygge in most rooms whether it be in a France or Denmark. Each pot is unique. 


The rough texture and the grid pattern breaks well with sharp and plain surfaced things and materials and the functionality is many.


Use if for dried lavender or other (dried) flowers. Use it for pensils in a childrens hygge rooms. Use it for your cutlery or kitchen utensils. Use it for cotton balls. Use it for your nik naks or .................. however you prefer to add to the hygge in your home with it.


Lot´s of smiles and hygge from HYGGE MANSION

Grey HYGGE pot with grid pattern

  • The  pot is made from Cement and is not water proof

    Hight: 13cm
    Dia.: 13,5cm