Decorative Polished Horns - 35 to 40cm


These unique horns all varies in form and colours and in beautiful shades and patterns.

We like to use horns between candleholders, on a coffee table for a unique decoration tableau, at a bathroom to break with the clean lines often found here. They add a 'raw' ambience.


We have also learned that these horns are the perfect gift to the man who has everything.

The horns are from cattle in Africa (non-endangered and only used for consumption).


Size: 35-40cm

Please note that size and color is indicative as each piece is a natural material and therefore unique.

Decorative Polished Horn 35-40cm

    • To keep your horns looking beautiful you can gently rinse them off under running water and wipe them of carefully afterwards. The blank surface can be maintained with cooking oil. 
    • They cannot withstand a dishwasher, soaking and/or hot water and soap.
    • Kindly don't expose them to direct sun light.