With the wooden look and the carved pattern on this brush it has a rustic and raw look. The bright brown color is frehs and peaceful and it is a pefect fit for most rooms in a hygge mansion. Indeed this brush will work hygge wonders as a interior accessori. 


Tips on how to use: Style them with materials like wood and on raw or tiled surfaces.  

Put in on a (brass) platter with some small candles or a horn and place it in a window sill with dried flowers. (we would avoid direct sun on it all day long though). 


Options are many and we love the mood and look that they offer in a home. Each brush is unique, as they are handmade.


NOTE: Since they are all handmade there will be variations in each piece

Chinese Calligraphy Brush - 40cm Brown

  • Lenght: Approximately 33cm
    Material: Bone, porcelain and horsehair
    Note: They vary in look as they are all customized