Indeed chinese brushes work wonders in any interior accessories collection and when designing any room this particular brush will stand out because of it´s gorgeous green color.  


The brush is an easy accessori to use when deocrating practically anywhere in your home. It offers many ways of being used and with the many different styles and colors in our selection only your imagination will be the limit. We like this green one in bathrooms, nearby flowers and plants and as a happy and hyggelig contrast in a more rigorous styling or room.


Tips on how to use: Style them with materials like wood and on raw or tiled surfaces. This green one is also to die for on blank and neat surfaces.  

Hanging it from a door or cubbord knob allows it to stand out. Put in on a platter with some small candles and place it in a window sill. (we would avoid direct sun on it all day long though). 


Options are many and we love the mood and look that they offer in a home. Each brush is unique, as they are handmade.


NOTE: Since they are all handmade there will be variations in each piece

Chinese Calligraphy Brush - 39cm Green

  • Lenght: Approximately 33cm
    Material: Bone, porcelain and horsehair
    Note: They vary in look as they are all customized