Elegant Sapphire Alabaster Stone Candleholders 


These hand-carved sapphire shaped Alabaster Stone Candleholders are gorgeous interior decoration pieces. They are carved with a diamond pattern giving them a refined and unique look. When placing a tea light inside them they become even more beautiful and shine very uniquely in its natural pattern. The colour of the shades are white, beige, yellowish and differ in density. They provide a calming and gorgeous light in your home - enhancing the hygge, happiness and togetherness.

The alabaster is from the mountains of Egypt. All the carving is done carefully and in many steps by hand and over many days, as the many fine crystals in the stone that easily break. 


To order the Medium and big size: kia@hyggemansion.com / +33 6 84 86 25 70


Size Sapphire Small:  8 cm x 7 cm - 35 EUR

Size Sapphire Medium: 15 cm x 11 cm - 95 EUR

Size Sapphire Large: 25 cm x 15 cm - 249 EUR


Please note that sizes and color are approximate as each piece is unique. 

Please note that the alabaster stone exists in different shades of white and beige and in different densities of stone crystals.

Alabaster Sapphire Stone Candleholder- various sizes

    • Please do not lift the alabaster candleholder only by the edges. Support them at the buttom with a hand. This is nearly an extra precaution.