We are here to give you the Danish HYGGE and provide you with a HYGGELIG lifestyle. The hygge and lifestyle that is linked to why we are so happy in Denmark and which is known for sparking a feeling of wellbeing.

We are here for you to start living with HYGGE and most of all we want you to experience and enjoy the smiles, ease, essential moments and happiness that come along with it.

Being Danish we know first-hand that HYGGE makes you, your family, guests, business relations and/or colleagues feel de-stressed, smile more and that the HYGGE lifestyle is an originator of shoulder dropping moments - hours and days.

We want to be your provider of a comforting lifestyle and a life lived with more serenity.

As you start living the HYGGE lifestyle it will attract you to your own Hygge Mansion and to places and destinations that offer the concept of HYGGE.

We will use our lifelong experience when passing the HYGGE on to you. We will make you understand and feel the HYGGE, inspire you to do HYGGE, show you the magic that lighting a candlelight can do and ultimately give you the benefits of living with HYGGE.

 - One benefit being - HAPPINESS -

It will be hyggeligt to answer your questions, tell you more or chat.

Mrs. Hygge: Kia@hyggemansion.com / +33 (0) 603 12 58 04

“I honestly believe that the world would be a little bit better
if we all added more hygge”

- Kia Holm Reimer  -